F-CON have years of experience and have completed many projects in the formwork and steel fixing industry. We set the highest standards in reinforced concrete construction and offer a broad range of skill and knowledge. F-CON use both prefabricated formwork systems and made on site timber formwork to suit more bespoke projects.

F-CON supply and fit reinforcement steel to various applications including:

• Raft Foundations • Pad Foundations • Ground Beams • Concrete Columns • Slatted Tanks • Soilage Walls • Retaining Walls • Dung Steads



We cut and bend reinforcement steel to order. We have also designed our very own press brake for bending full-length sheets of mesh into various sizes. This machine helps reduce the cost of reinforcement steel without compromising on strength. Using sheets of mesh bent to shape has many advantages including cheaper reinforcement because of the efficient production and time saved tying reinforcement steel on site.